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 Whole Body Wellness Program

Give yourself the gift of health with this Whole Body Wellness Program that includes a series of five body and skin treatments that will encourage your body to detox, activate the flow of lymph, assist the skin to balance and repair, and provide the many health benefits of massage. This is an excellent program for those who wish to begin to incorporate wellness practices into their lifestyle or those who have already embraced healthy living practices.

$450 Includes Self-care Products

 Anti-aging Wellness Program

This holistic skin care program offers five treatments that will provide exceptional results by addressing specific skin conditions that result from the natural aging process by improving the functionality of the skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation. In addition to the health promoting effects of organic botanical compounds and skin manipulations, science has shown us that deep relaxation has profound effects on the cells of the body by actually slowing down cellular aging. The essence of holistic skin care! Treatments Include >>

$400 Includes Self-care Products

 Seasonal Skin Support Programs

Each Seasonal Skin Support Program includes a series of five treatments that will support the skin and body during the changes of the season. Based on Chinese Five Elements, the physical and energetic body are balanced and supported through the use of herbs and advanced skin manipulations that appropriately address seasonal skin health issues. Treatments include a combination of body and face therapies designed to nurture the skin and health through the seasons!
$400 Includes Self-care Products

Holistic Approach to Skin Immune Support

Winter Wellness ~ Support ~ Soothe ~ Hydrate
Winter poses specific skin challenges that can be alleviated with the holistic skin care program. Calm redness and soothe and hydrate parched skin with seasonally appropriate skin treatments that allow the skin to maintain a healthy glow during harsh winter weather.

Holistic Approach to Lymph Support and Skin Detoxification

Spring and Autumn Wellness ~ Detoxify ~ Cleanse ~ Purify
These unique holistic skin therapies will focus on providing deep cleansing, movement of lymph, and skin detox. Spring treatments will prompt the skin to renew, regenerate, and heal after a long winter, and in the fall the skin will be nourished and balanced to promote healing and repair after a sun filled summer in order to maintain health through the harsh conditions of winter.

Holistic Approach to Skin Protection and Nourishment

Summer Wellness ~ Protect ~ Nourish ~ Brighten
Support the health of the skin and body through the summer heat, sun exposure, and outdoor activities with this seasonal wellness program designed to protect, nourish, and modulate skin functionality.

Holistic Approach to Skin Repair and Healing

Late Summer Wellness ~ Repair ~ Restore ~ Balance
Repair the skin after summer sun exposure with this seasonal wellness program designed to reduce hyperpigmentation and repair sun damage. Nurture yourself through this abundant and transformative season with healing botanicals and holistic skin therapies.

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“After receiving massage and skin care services from Kara for a few years now, I can confidently say she was born to do this work.”

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