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Featuring De La Terre Skincare®

Improve your skin and enhance whole body wellness while enjoying a holistic skin treatment at Trinity in Asheville. De La Terre Skincare® products and therapies provide a unique holistic approach that improves the appearance of the skin by supporting skin health. The pure herbal compounds found throughout the De La Terre Skincare® collection, gently shift skin into nutritional balance, where repair and healing can take place©. The results are phenomenal and the journey is divine.
$70/60min or $100/90min

 Custom Holistic Skin Therapy

Nourish ~ Repair ~ Heal
Treatments will be customized to improve skin functionality which will allow the skin to achieve and maintain health. The pure botanicals of De La Terre Skincare® products, combined with specialized facial massage techniques will reduce inflammation, strengthen skin structure, and improve nutrition.

 Holistic Anti-Aging Skin Therapy

Restore ~ Rejuvenate ~ Revitalize
Improve skin health and vitality with this anti-aging treatment that combines skillful massage techniques with the application of pure, organic botanicals to reduce hyperpigmentation, improve circulation, strengthen skin structure, improve oxygenation, reduce fine lines, soften wrinkles, alleviate facial tension, strengthen collagen and preserve elasticity. Your skin will look and feel great!

 Skin Purification Therapy

Protect ~ Detoxify ~ Nurture
This balancing, detoxifying, and regenerative treatment using De La Terre’s® pure organic botanical infusions, clays, salts, and serums will detoxify cells, cleanse impurities, and improve nutrition while providing the added benefit of whole body stress relief. Enjoy a smooth and vibrant complexion!

 Seasonal Support Skin Therapy

Support ~ Strengthen ~ Nourish
Use this rhythmic approach to skin care to support your skin as it transitions through each season and allow the skin to maintain skin health through winter, spring, summer, and fall.

 Therapeutic Repair

Balance ~ Calm ~ Heal
This treatment will be customized to address inflammatory skin issues such as acne or rosacea. Pure herbal compounds will provide nourishment and balance while prompting the skin to repair and heal.

 Tea Hydrotherapy

Soothe ~ Protect ~ Renew
This holistic skin therapy utilizes an ancient healing modality to promote skin health by cleansing irritants from your skin’s surface with pure botanical infusions. Skin radiates with health following the application of hydrotherapy, herbal enzymes, mists, and serums. Tea hydrotherapy improves skin’s physical and energetic health.
$60/60min or $80/90min

 Enhanced Wellness Session

Explore ~ Engage ~ Experience
Trinity’s enhanced wellness session is a unique opportunity to explore and experience the true essence of holistic skin care therapies. During the session, the client will gain greater insight into their skin health and personal wellness. Sessions will include a hydrotherapy treatment, inhalation therapy, and a self-care demonstration.
$50/60 min

 Holistic Skincare Enhancements

Peppermint Foot Therapy

Includes foot massage with peppermint enhanced castor oil and shea butter and hot towel application.

Soothing Hand Treatment

Tea hydrotherapy, herb enhanced clay exfoliation and herbal body oil with a hot towel application will soften and soothe dry hands.

Scalp Massage

Enjoy an enhanced scalp massage that can alleviate headaches, relieve tension, and encourage deep relaxation for the whole body. This enhancement is a perfect addition to any whole body massage or holistic skin therapy.

*Cancellation Policy:
Please Provide 24 Hours Notice to Avoid Charges for Canceled Service.
“Kara has gifted hands, an intuitive spirit, and a kind heart. She really goes the extra mile to make your treatments special.”

De La Terre Skincare®

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