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Relax and rejuvenate with a therapeutic massage

Massage is one of the oldest known healing arts. Having withstood the test of time, we can trace its roots as far back as ancient China, India and Persia. Massage has a huge range of therapeutic benefits able to affect the whole self, mind, body and soul which makes it an excellent addition to any personal wellness routine. At Trinity, each massage is enhanced with aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and hot stones and enhanced foot massage to increase the health benefits while promoting deeper relaxation.

 Integrative Massage

Many deep tissue techniques will be combined to offer therapeutic results tailored to address the specific needs of the individual in order to alleviate muscle tension and stress as well as address specific concerns. Techniques will include Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Tui Na, Trager, Hot Stone, and Esalen Massage
$70/60min or $100/90min

 Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is both enjoyable to receive and highly therapeutic. The heat from the stones has the ability to warm the muscles allowing deeper penetration of massage techniques as well as encouraging deep relaxation.

 Holistic Massage

A myriad of massage modalities will be interwoven and combined with whole body tea hydrotherapy to provide a truly outstanding massage experience that will induce deep relaxation and restoral of mind, body and soul. This massage will focus on increasing immune function, encouraging a deep sense of well-being, bringing the recipient closer to wholeness.

 Arnica Healing Massage

This massage targets muscle aches and pains using powerful pain relieving essential oils combined with arnica oil applied with hot towel and stone massage and deep integrative massage techniques. This massage is both a wonderful massage experience and a powerful healing tool in treatment of acute or chronic muscle pain.

 Deep Tissue Massage

Strong and penetrating techniques are used in this massage to alleviate chronic tension and soreness.
$70/60 min or $100/90min

 Integrative Reflexology

Treat the whole body with special techniques applied to the feet, hands, and ears. This massage modality allows the therapist to assist clients in treating and alleviating many health concerns and it feels great!
$55/60 min or $80/90min

*Cancellation Policy:
Please Provide 24 Hours Notice to Avoid Charges for Canceled Service.
“Kara provides a warm and nurturing environment combined with exceptional bodywork.”

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