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Replenish with a powerful holistic body treatment

Experience deep relaxation and renewal while detoxifying, nourishing, toning, slimming & hydrating. The healing properties of herbs rich clays, mineral rich salts, and herbal body serums combined with therapeutic massage and dry skin brushing will provide an wonderful wellness experience with exceptional results. Cocooned in the pure botanical healing preparations found in the De La Terre Skincare collection, you will have the time to relax and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

 Belly Sculpting Treatment

Slimming ~ Detoxify ~ Tone
This therapeutic treatment will stimulate the movement of lymph, aiding in detoxification and toning while providing the opportunity for relaxation and renewal and is enhanced with the application of facial hydrotherapy.

 Herb Rich Body Wrap

Hydrate ~ Exfoliate ~ Detoxify
This herbal body treatment will improve the appearance and feel of your skin from head to toe. Pure botanicals and massage will exfoliate and nourish while creating an increased sense of well-being. In addition the Herb-Rich Body Wrap is a highly therapeutic treatment for the care of skin reactions associated with oncology and diabetes treatment.

 Foot and Leg Relief

Relax ~ Soften ~ Relieve
Provide relief and increased vitality with this exceptional therapy for foot and leg health. Increase circulation of lymph and blood, exfoliate and hydrate with tea hydrotherapy and an herbal wrap enhanced with a reflexology foot treatment.

 Hand and Arm Relief

Soothe ~ Heal ~ De-stress
Experience a blend of tea hydrotherapy, the healing properties of herbs, deep hydration, and massage that will leave tired, dry, irritated hands feeling soft and supple. This is a great treatment to soothe winter dryness!

 Seasonal Hydrotherapy Body Wrap

Balance ~ Nurture ~ Brighten
Enjoy this therapeutic hydrotherapy body treatment that will activate the flow of lymph and provide a deeply relaxing experience while healing and nurturing your skin. This treatment will be customized to support the skin and body during each season.

 Mineral Rich Salt Treatment

Renew ~ Replenish ~ Detox
Using the healthful properties of Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts, this treatment enhances circulation of lymph and blood, eliminates toxins, and balances the body’s pH. The herbs in the tea hydrotherapy and oils in the herb rich body serum enhance the benefits of the mineral rich salts and the body is nourished, exfoliated, and detoxified.

 Honey and Lavender Body Treatment

Exfoliate ~ Luxuriate ~ Hydrate
A wonderful cornmeal and honey exfoliation with a lavender-shea butter body wrap followed by a thirty minute massage. Enjoy this nurturing treatment that heals body and soul.

 Aromatherapy Salt Scrub

Exfoliation ~ Hydration ~ Detoxification
Pink Himalayan crystal salts are custom blended with essential oil enriched organic jojoba-grape seed oil to provide the benefits of detoxification, deep relaxation & cellular regeneration

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