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At Trinity in Asheville all massage treatments include hot towels, warm packs to ease muscles, and aromatherapy. We use only the highest quality organic coconut, jojoba, and grapeseed and castor oils, as well as incredible organic massage lotions. These organic oils will leave your skin nourished and hydrated while your muscles are soothed and relaxed.

Massage offers many health benefits, whether enjoyed frequently or occasionally for a special treat. Massage can truly make a difference in your overall wellbeing as well as treating acute and chronic muscle pain. When enjoyed regularly, massage provides both preventative and therapeutic benefits. The deep relaxation experienced during a massage signals the body to produce beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters while simultaneously signaling the body to decrease production of harmful stress hormones and other body chemicals such as cortisol. This affects the body in ways such as lowering blood pressure and elevating and balancing mood. Massage also works on the musculature and fascia which alleviates muscle tension as well as facilitates better alignment in the skeletal system while increasing circulation of blood and lymph and strengthening the immune system.

It is a great blessing that massage can offer us so many health benefits, but I truly celebrate the benefits we receive when we treat ourselves to an experience, even if only once a year or as a seasonal ritual, that honors us and our need for relaxation, pampering, and nurturing. When we support the health of the body with massage, we nurture our mind and soul as well. A day at the spa can truly be a mini-vacation. It is a special time where, in a safe, nurturing space we can release spent energy and breathe in joy, peace, and healing.

Holistic Body Treatments
Featuring De La Terre Skincare®

All products used at Trinity are made with the organic botanical ingredients. My commitment to De La Terre Skincare products and therapies are an extension of my commitment to a holistic, natural, and wellness oriented lifestyle. Using pure botanical ingredients not only makes treatments safe but also increases effectiveness. The skin and lymphatic system will respond beautifully to substances that are natural and free of harmful chemicals. At Trinity all body wraps include dry skin brushing and a shortened massage. Body treatments treat the skin as well as providing many of the muscle soothing benefits of massage. Holistic body therapies will exfoliate, hydrate, provide anti-aging benefits, activate lymphatic flow, detoxify, and nourish while providing stress relief to the whole body.

Holistic Skin Therapies
Featuring De La Terre Skincare®

Modern lifestyle is hard on our bodies and skin. Many internal and external health conditions can affect skin function, thus leaving it vulnerable and devitalized. De La Terre Skincare® products and therapies provide a unique holistic approach that improves the appearance of the skin by supporting the health of the skin’s ecosystem allowing the skin to achieve balance of its own natural systems of exfoliation, self-regulation and healing. The pure herbal compounds found throughout the De La Terre Skincare® collection, gently shift skin into nutritional balance, where repair and healing can take place. Treatments will improve skin’s physical and energetic health. This holistic approach to skin care provides an extraordinary experience in health and wellness. Come see the difference De La Terre Skincare® will make to your skin and your life.
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“I can’t believe how wonderful I felt after my treatment! On my next vacation to Asheville I will be visiting Trinity again.”

De La Terre Skincare®

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