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Trinity is sad to announce that the new facility is not currently set up to provide body treatment services! We hope to in the future!!

Replenish with a powerful therapeutic body wrap at Trinity in Asheville! Experience the ultimate in lavish pampering while detoxifying, toning, slimming & hydrating. Each wrap includes a whole body exfoliation, scalp and foot massage followed by a moisturizer that is tailored to enhance your treatment. Cocooned in healing preparations, you will have the time to relax and rejuvenate body, mind & soul.

 Cleopatra’s Cleansing Shea Wrap *Hydrate*Anti-Cellulite*Heal
» After enjoying a 2 step full body exfoliation using dry skin brush/sugar scrub, experience the healing powers of being wrapped in warmed shea butter, castor oil, and honey enhanced with a special blend of antioxidant rich essential oils. Your skin will be hydrated, renewed and deeply relaxed while your lymphatic system is stimulated and cleansed. This whole body treatment can be tailored to address many wellness goals by personalizing the.
 De La Terre Herb-Rich Lymphatic Wrap *Cleanse*Nourish*Exfoliate
» Let us celebrate the wonders of nature with this De La Terre (of the earth) signature body wrap! Truly a testament to the healing powers of nature, this body treatment will stimulate the senses while providing exceptional healing for the lymphatic system and the skin. Utilizing the healing properties of medicinally enriched clays, herbs, Himalayan salts, and, aloe vera, and essential oils the body will experience lymphatic detoxification, the exfoliation and cellular healing of the skin, and deep relaxation. This whole body treatment includes a gemstone lymphatic drainage facial massage as well as salt and dry skin brush exfoliation and massage application of a special De La Terre Body Serum.
 Gaia’s Garden Body Treatment - Seasonal Celebrations Wrap
» For fall & winter, exfoliate and moisturize with a luscious Amber and Sandalwood Sugar Scrub followed by a lymph stimulating and muscle warming Body Wrap and Massage featuring a special oil and essential oil blend that helps bring balance in the winter months.

» For spring & summer, we offer a slimming Rosemary Peppermint body wrap.
 Diva’s Delight Body Treatmet - Hungarian Chocolate Wrap
» The extravagance of being painted with warmed chocolate is equaled only with the extraordinary healing benefits that are offered by the Chocolate Body Wrap. Cocoa powder is antioxidant rich & very hydrating. Enhanced with coconut oil & herbal infusions, this wrap will hydrate, tone & smooth while providing a truly delicious sensory experience.
 Forest Faerie Moor Mud Wrap - Soothing*Softening*Nourishing
» A truly fabulous holistic spa treatment! This healing Moor Mud body wrap provides nourishing vitamins & minerals to soften & hydrate the skin. The added enhancement of aromatic pine oil offers alleviation of aches, pains, & sore muscles, making this a very effective treatment for anyone suffering from chronic pain or post-sports injury.
 Mountain Mermaid Seaweed Wrap - Detoxify*Replenish
» Detoxification is an important part of promoting body wellness. Herb Rich Clay, Tea and Himalayan Salt Infused Water offer powerful detoxification while re-mineralizing & replenishing the skin in this powerful body treatment. This wrap is enhanced by a massage treatment featuring a customized blend of lymphatic stimulating oils and essential oils.
 Persian Princess Body Wrap Exotic*Intoxicating*Healing
» Escape the mundane with an exotic experience. This age-fighting exfoliating sugar scrub followed by an antioxidant rich blend of rosemary mint oil will soothe and stimulate topped off with a muscle melting mini-massage, will leave your spirit renewed and your skin smooth, brightened & revived!
 Kali’s Coffee Cleanse - Anti-Cellulite*Slimming*Stimulating
» This cutting-edge Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment offers powerful results for those seeking to stimulate your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism & eliminate water retention. Best results are achieved through a series of 4-6 treatments. This wrap is enhanced by powerful anti-cellulite essential oils & Cinnamon Paprika Body Lotion.
 Aromatherapy Salt Scrub - Exfoliation*Hydration*Detoxification
» Pink Himalayan crystal salts are custom blended with essential oil enriched organic jojoba-grape seed oil to provide the benefits of detoxification, deep relaxation & cellular regeneration

* A salt scrub can also be added to enhance any of our body wrap treatments or massages
 Shakti’s Sugar Scrubs - Polish*Nourish*Renew
» Exfoliate with your choice of a skin polishing sugar scrubs, enhanced with herbal infusions, nourishing oils and antioxidant essential oils. You will never feel so smooth!

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“In my opinion, Kara is one of the best massage therapists Asheville has to offer!”
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